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About us

CAPS/ACPP is a volunteer-run, non-profit professional association that advocates on behalf of Canadian postdoctoral scholars for a wide range of career paths. CAPS/ACPP strongly believes in the value of advocacy work for Canadian postdocs.

The mandate of CAPS/ACPP is to improve the lives, training, and work experience of all Canadian postdocs. The vision that guides this mandate is one of a strong community in which all Canadian postdocs are provided fair compensation, benefits, rights, privileges, and protections, as well as a supportive social network and effective support and career development opportunities.

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CAPS/ACPP is looking to connect with postdoc associations across Canada
 Add your name to our national directory, meet with our advocacy team, and to join our Slack channel where we can share and learn about postdoc experiences. Email chair[at]capsacpp.ca

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Email us at communications[at]capsacpp.ca

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