Winter/Spring, 2024 Ongoing Initiatives

We are currently collecting information on the following issues pertaining to the Postdoc experience:

  • The cap on international students

  • The national security guidelines for research postdocs

  • Employment status related to funding source

  • Harassment reporting mechanisms

CAPS/ACPP invites members to share your questions, comments, concerns and experiences relating to the following. Our goal is to better understand how each of these issues affect postdocs so that we can formulate recommendations and advocate for improvements. Please contact us at: chair[at]

February – March, 2024 CAPS/ACPP Statement of Solidarity with Postdoc Unions advocating for improved working conditions.
CAPS/ACPP encourages all Unionized Postdocs to learn about their Collective Agreements, to join postdoc associations nationally and locally, to understand and negotiate their work contracts, and to be proactive about their needs. Where Postdoc Unions do not exist, CAPS/ACPP recommends that Postdocs organize and develop a Collective Agreement.
February 22 – We wrote to the Postdoctoral Researchers at Queen’s University to express our support for their bargaining process and share our recommendations.
March 1 – We wrote to the Postdoctoral Researchers at the University of Toronto to express our support for their bargaining process and share our recommendations.
January 17, 2024 CAPS/ACPP Writes to the House of Commons Recommending increased federal investment in Postdoctoral Scholars for Budget 2024

CAPS/ACPP executive member placing many letters to MPs in a Canada Post box.

We wrote to every MP representing a University, Party Leaders, and Federal Ministers
Read our letter to Hon. MP Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Finance here
Our asks:
1. That the value of Tri-Agency Funded postdoctoral fellowships also increase by 53% to $61K; and index to inflation moving forward
2. we ask for a 100% increase in the number of Tri-Agency postdoctoral fellowships
January 12-13, 2024 Chair Henny Bennett Attends and Presents at the ICoRSA Annual General Meeting

December, 2023 Release of the the Postdocs eMagazine Issue 6 
Read more here!
Nov 16, 2023 CAPS-ACPP hosts the 13th Annual General Meeting, at UBC Vancouver and Online  
Read the program here! 
Nov 9, 2023 CAPS-ACPP publishes the 2020 Canadian National Postdoc Survey Report  
Read the survey report here! 
Nov 6-7, 2023 CAPS-ACPP Chair, Dr. Padmapriya Muralidharan, advocates for postdocs at the Annual Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Administrators (CAPA) Conference
Sept 25-29, 2023 CAPS-ACPP participates in SOS Advocacy Week 
Find out more about SOS Advocacy Week here! 
Sept 18-22, 2023 CAPS-ACPP celebrates postdocs appreciation week (PAW) with postdoc-focused webinars
Find out more about PAW 2023 here! 
Sept 15, 2023 CAPS-ACPP re-launches The Postdocs eMagazine!
In this issue:
  • About CAPS/ACPP
  • Postdoc Appreciation Week: free CAPS/ACPP webinars
  • CAPS/ACPP Advocacy: call to increase federal funding
  • Announcements: our new website, National Postdoc Registry & Annual General Meeting
Sept 5, 2023 CAPS-ACPP submits letter to Hon. MP Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Finance, urging  the need to increase federal support for postdoctoral scholars
Read the full letter HERE!

CAPS/ACPP VC Operations, Dr Henrietta Bennett, alongside SOS and CASA representatives, met with Hon. MP Chrystia Freeland to advocate for postdocs. CAPS/ACPP is grateful to the Minister for her time and attention. CAPS/ACPP VC Operations, Dr Henrietta Bennett (second from the left)

Screen Shot 2023-09-13 at 2.54.32 PM
July 28, 2023 CAPS-ACPP submits brief to  the House of Commons Science and Research Committee study on the Government of Canada’s Graduate Scholarship and Post-doctoral Fellowship Programs
June 15, 2023 CAPS-ACPP Chair, Dr. Padmapriya Muralidharan, speaks at the Standing Committee on Science and Research, House of Commons

Watch on ParlVu HERE (11am ET)

June 14, 2023 CAPS-ACPP advertises for open executive positions
  • VC Communications
  • VC International
  • VC Career Development
Contact chair[at] for enquiries

May 1, 2023 CAPS-ACPP joins the SOS May Day Walkout to advocate for increased funding for grad students, postdocs, and grants

VC External, Dr. Peter Harrington, was a lead organizer at the UBC Protest in Vancouver – the largest of the nationwide protests. CBC News

VC Operations, Dr. Henrietta Bennett, organized hospital affiliated postdoc attendance at the University of Toronto protest. Globe and Mail

Chair, Dr. Padmapriya Muralidharan, organized the protest at Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, British Columbia), and VC Membership Dr. Raghu Sundaresan Nagalingam participated. Global BC News

Visit SOS for more Walkout media coverage HERE

CAPS-ACPP VC Operations, Dr. Henrietta Bennett, speaks on behalf of postdocs in front of Hon. Chrystia Freeland's Office. Toronto, ON

April 12, 2023 CAPS-ACPP welcomes back Dr. Sarah Grasediek as VC Surveys and Data

March 8, 2023 CAPS-ACPP votes in Dr. Marine Hemmerle as new VC French Communications

January 18, 2023 The first meeting of the 2023 CAPS-ACPP Executive Council