CAPS/ACPP needs funds to continue providing the kind of resources, support, and advocacy that postdocs working in Canada and Canadian postdocs working abroad deserve and to develop new support and services for our members. Any individual, active, alumni or affiliate member can contribute!  

Note: All fees are non-refundable

  • Individual Contributing Members
    • one time $50 fee
  • Affiliate Contributing members
    • Professional Societies & Organizations – $200 annual fee
    • Postdoctoral Associations/Unions or Insitiutions – fee dependent on number of postdocs
      • 1-100 postdocs: $200 annual fee
      • 101-250 postdocs: $500 annual fee
      • 251-500 postdocs: $1,000 annual fee
      • 501-750 postdocs: $1,250 annual fee
      • 751-1,000 postdocs: $1,750 annual fee
      • >1,000 postdocs: $2,000 annual fee

Become a Contributing Member today! 

  1. Register as a member of CAPS/ACCP using the form found here.
  2. Send an e-transfer for $50 (or more if you wish) to finance[at] to become a lifetime Contributing Member of CAPS/ACCP. Please include “Contributing Members Fee” in the e-transfer message.
  3. Your Contributing Member Status will be confirmed via email and you will be added to the Contributing Members & Affiliates List – which will be used to share special offers in the future. Organizations (PDAs, Unions, and Institutions):