Affiliation is a informal arrangement between CAPS/ACPP and an external organization.

CAPS/ACPP Affiliates are:

  • Expected to share information provided by CAPS/ACPP, promote CAPS/ACPP events and initiatives, and/or assist with the dissemination of CAPS/ACPP surveys to their members or contacts
  • Encouraged to advertise their affiliation with CAPS/ACPP on their website, in electronic communications, and on social media and are encouraged to share direct links to the CAPS/ACPP website.

In return, CAPS/ACPP provides reciprocal support by:

  • Sharing information provided by affiliates with our members
  • Providing access to specific email lists or groups for some types of affiliates – as determined by the nature/mandate of the organization in question
  • Providing recognition to affiliates on the CAPS/ACPP website and in shared posts

To register your organization as an Affiliate of CAPS/ACPP, please select and complete the appropriate Affiliation form from the list provided here: