2022 – “How administrative ambiguity and devaluating language hurts Canadian postdocs” – opinion article written by CAPS Executive members, published in University Affairs. (Jan 2022). “Redefining how university and institutional administrations see this vulnerable population of highly skilled workers is an important first step toward countering inequity and mending the gender gap in academia” – an article that illuminates why CAPS/ACPP changed its French name and is now CAPS/ACPP.

Link to article: How administrative ambiguity and devaluating language hurts Canadian postdocs


2019 – “Statut en balance” – French language article about CAPS/ACPP’ advocacy work on behalf of Canadian postdocs written by David Brosseau for Quartier L!bre (Jan 2019).

Link to article: STATUT EN BALANCE


2018 – “Postdoctoral scholars in Canada call for better recognition, funding and career training” – article written by Léo Charbonneau
from University Affairs about CAPS’ 2018 Canadian Science Policy Conference panel including comments from panelists.

Link to article: Postdoctoral scholars in Canada call for better recognition, funding and career training


2018 – CSPC interview with Joseph Sparling (Chair, CAPS/ACSP) – video interview (~7 minutes) following CAPS/ACPP’ panel at the 2018 Canadian Science Policy Conference (Dec 2018; published online by CSPC).

Link to article: CSPC interview with Joseph Sparling


2018 – “Slowly but surely, postdoc advocacy is working – post by Brianne Kent on The Black Hole blog published by University Affairs
that includes a summary of the recommendations made by CAPS/ACPP during the 2018 Canadian Science Policy Conference panel (Dec 2018).

Link to article: Slowly but surely, postdoc advocacy is working


2018 – “Why Canada’s immigration regulations may be pushing postdocs out” – article by Chris Woolston in Nature based on findings from CAPS/ACPP 2018 Immigration Report and 2016 National Survey. Includes quotes from interviews with Joseph Sparling (Chair) and Anni Hämäläinen (VC Operations) of the 2018 CAPS/ACPP Executive Council

Link to full article, published online by Nature: [HTML; PDF]; also briefly mentioned in the print version – click here).


2018 – “Réinventer le système de formation postdoctorale canadien” – French language article written by François Potus and Sara Teinturier (2018 co-Vice Chairs French Communications, CAPS/ACPP) along with Joseph Sparling (2018 Chair, CAPS/ACPP) for Découvrir Magazine (Sept 2018; published by Acfas).

Link to article: Réinventer le système de formation postdoctorale canadien 


2018 – CAPS/ACSP in the 2018 EURAXESS North America
(published online).

Link to article: A Portrait of CAPS/ACPP, (page 7-9)


2018 – Joint Statement on Budget from Canada’s research community – signed and supported by CAPS/ACPP along with 13 other stakeholder groups (March 2018; published online by Universities Canada).

Link to article: Joint Statement on 2018 Budget from Canada’s research community 


2017 – “Reviewing the International Research Landscape in Canada” a brief summary of the presentation
by Joseph Sparling
(2017 Chair, CAPS/ACPP) on page 19 of the Proceedings of the 3rd Annual Meeting of the European Scientific Diasporas in North America (published online by EURAXESS).

Links to article: (HTML; PDF)


2017 – “Postdoctoral Fellows in Canada: Situations and Actions– report, written by CAPS/ACPP At-Large Member Dr. Peter Clark. This report provides a wealth of information about postdoctoral policy at the federal, provincial, institutional and funding body levels and focuses on the effect of those policies in terms of labour conditions, statutory benefits, and immigration in particular. In addition, Dr. Clark identifies a number of action items for addressing the lack of basic labour rights and other difficulties facing postdocs in Canada. From a provincial perspective this report is particularly valuable, as it provides a detailed account of the legislation that should be targeted to improve postdoctoral policy in each province.

Link to article:  Postdoctoral Fellows in Canada: Situations and Actions.


2016 – “Postdoctorants et postdoctorantes : portrait quantitatif d’une population” – French language article written by Comité intersectoriel étudiant des Fonds de recherche du Québec (the Intersectoral Student Committee of the Québec Research Funds) for Découvrir Magazine using data from CAPS’ 2016 National Postdoctoral Survey (published by Acfas).

Link to article: Postdoctorants et postdoctorantes : portrait quantitatif d’une population


2014 – Improving the Experiences of Social Sciences & Humanities Postdocs in Canada – a report prepared by CAPS/ACSP and submitted to SSHRC

Link to full report: Improving the Experiences of Social Sciences & Humanities Postdocs in Canada


2009 – CAPS/ACSP First Postdoctoral Survey and Position Paper on Postdoctoral Status – The final report from our 2009 postdoctoral survey, entitled “A postdoctoral crisis in Canada: From the“Ivory Tower” to the Academic “Parking Lot” is available hereThe accompanying position paper on postdoctoral status, entitled “CAPS Preliminary Position Paper on Postdoctoral Status” is available here.