Upcoming Events & Initiatives

Inadequate pay is the greatest challenge facing Canadian Postdocs. In 2003, the value of a Tri-Agency funded postdoctoral fellowship was $40K/year. Today, in 2023, this value remains relatively unchanged, and, at just $45K before taxes, it is insufficient to meet today’s cost of living. Since 2003 the cost of goods and services has risen 53%. We are asking that the value of Tri-Agency Funded postdoctoral fellowships also increase by 53% to $61K; and index to inflation moving forward.
Budget 2024 is currently being finalized – and after 20 years of stagnant funding, it’s about time graduate students and postdoctoral scholars are included! Use the link to call, email, and tweet at decision-makers before March 8th
We are currently collecting information on the following issues pertaining to the Postdoc experience:
  • The cap on international students

  • The national security guidelines for research postdocs

  • Employment status related to funding source

  • Reporting mechanisms for harassment and workplace complaints

CAPS/ACPP invites members to share your questions, comments, concerns and experiences relating to the following. Our goal is to better understand how each of these issues affect postdocs so that we can formulate recommendations and advocate for improvements. Please contact us at: chair[at]capsacpp.ca

CAPS/ACPP will host our 13th Annual General Meeting in a hybrid format November 16, 2023. We will review CAPS 2023, host speakers from other organizations supporting postdocs, and hold an Image Contest with prizes!

Virtual and in person registration is now open! Please note: In person (at UBC in Vancouver) registration is limited to 40 attendees.

CAPS/ACPP will be appointing a new executive council. A call for nominations will circulate in November, with the potential for elections held at the end of November.

Letter Writing Campaign - Write your MP and the House of Commons Fall 2023 to increase research funding

Calling all postdocs, academics, scientists, and science supporters broadly!
As we are all painfully aware, Canadian postdocs and grad students simply do not get paid enough to live and work. This dire situation can be improved by an increase in the budgets for the federal agencies (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) that fund our work via fellowships and grants. Please join us in a letter writing campaign. Several letter templates are available here.
The templates have addresses for where to send the letters. Snail mail letters may have more impact than emails; Letters addressed to MPs at House of Commons do not need a stamp! 
Templates are provided in both English and French. Prior to sending your letter, review the highlighted sections and revise the content as necessary (remove highlighting).
Although it is important to convey a consistent message within the letters, feel free to personalize the letter by adding examples relevant to your research or institution.
Please also recruit members of your network to join the campaign. The goal is to have these letters flood the MPs house of commons offices, so that they accumulate for the Fall economic statement and before the 2024 Budget is approved.
Widespread participation will increase the likelihood of success. 

CAPS/ACPP conducts a national postdoc survey every four years to assess current postdoc conditions. The next survey will be launching in 2024 and all members will be invited to complete the survey!